India, the exporter of terrorism in the South Asian region cannot camouflage its blackish history. Modi’s address in the UN General Assembly on September 27, 2019, appeared as an utter mockery to the international community, when he urged them to stand united against terrorism. Modi himself is a recognized terror who killed over two thousand Muslims in Gujrat in 2002 while he was its Chief Minister. The US due to his crime against humanity denied his visa to deter him to enter the US. US embargo on Modi withdrawn after Modi became the Prime Minister of India. The US, showing respect to India withdrew the ban for a diplomatic reason. It doesn’t mean the US forgot or pardon Modi’s terrorist crime.

Modi, in his address, bid to brand Pakistan as a terrorist country for its support to the Kashmiri freedom fighters.  He willfully degrades the Kashmiri freedom to terrorists. If the Kashmiri freedom fighters are terrorists, what were freedom fighters of Bangladesh war of Liberation or those Americans who fought against the British to liberate America? If Pakistan can be branded as a terrorist country for supporting the cause of the Kashmiri people, then India should be branded first  as a terrorist country for providing shelter, training, arms and ammunition, diplomatic support to the freedom fighters of the then East Pakistan to cede Pakistan and needs to be punished for this crime. Not only that India also created Chakma and Tamil secessionists to disintegrate Bangladesh and Sri Lanka respectively, who killed thousands of innocent people. India provided them shelter, training (centers in its soil) arms and ammunition, diplomatic support to these secessionists. India is solely responsible for such killings. Even Indian RAW created Baluch, Pashtun, and Sindhi secessionist terrorists in Pakistan and Modi openly asked them to go to India to take training. So what is the terrorist country: Pakistan or India?

India is the lone country in the world that is accused of annihilating its own people, not only in Kashmir, but also in Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, even in Punjab that India occupied through duplicity and conspiracy or extending high hopes. These states of India are ruled overtly by democratic, but covertly and virtually Army-controlled administrations.

India even uses its army and para-militias to liquidate the Maoists who are fighting against social and economic injustice, exploitation and deprivation. The Maoists were active in India’s 22 out of 27 states. Now most of these States are free from the Maoists. Where these Maoists withered away overnight? Not only the Maoists, rather almost all the non-Maoist young generation of these states were simply killed or assassinated by the Indian military and secret services. People of these states consider the Indian army worse than the real terrorists. Indian army, even police are relieved of any punishment for any extra-judicial killing in any so-called disturbed regions. They are above the law. Each area army command and police station are given specific numbers of suspected youths to be killed in each month, which is mandatory. So police and army to get cash money, medal, reward, and quick promotion kill innocent people to fulfill their quotas (of killing). Killing people is lawfully legal in most parts of India. So what is a terror country: India or Pakistan?

Anyone can easily comprehend how ruthless Modi and Indian army are. They kidnapped or lifted over 13 thousand minor boys, even girls, from their homes only since imposing incessant curfew in Kashmir on August 5 in the Occupied Kashmir and none knows their whereabouts. How Modi could expect that the world leaders could support his inhuman cruelties. Why such a long curfew could persist in a democratic country named India? Is it the message of Buddha for peace? Did Modi forget that his fore-parents eliminated the Buddhists from India? Did they care for Buddha’s message for peace? Every cruelty is possible in India, as it is a terrorist country.

Kashmiri resistance against the Indian occupation army is an indigenous struggle for freedom. Local people openly provide freedom fighters with all types of supports.  People, irrespective of their age, sex and status, side with the freedom fighters. Whenever anyone of the freedom fighters is martyred by the Indian occupation forces, they mourn for him. They are eyeball of the local people. So they are not terrorists, rather crusaders and liberators.

Local people also protest the presence of the Indian occupation forces, chant slogan against them and demand independence. They even face the Indian soldiers with stones and bricks.

How is India under Modi? Modi’s teammates kill the Muslims on suspicion of eating beef, or for denying uttering, ‘Joy Ram’. Minor Muslim girls are gang-raped and killed. Dalit minors killed for defecating in open face, though tens of thousands Indian, even the Brahmins still do so in India. Muslim or Dalit boys are killed for having love with the Hindu girls. Dalits are beaten, even killed for walking along the streets reserved for the so-called upper castes, or bathing in the same tank or taking water from the same wells or tanks. Female tourists from the West are frequently raped in India. Aren’t these equivalents to terrors?

Modi has no face to call the international community to stand united against terrorism, what he indirectly refers to Pakistan. His address at the UN General Assembly was a venture to conceal his ugly face. But he utterly failed to convince the world leaders who listened to his address.

Modi and his hawkish teammates did their best to divert the attention of the international community from the Kashmir crisis and isolate Pakistan branding it as a terrorist country. But they utterly failed. Not a single member-country of the UN sided with India. Even Trump, for whom Modi shamelessly worked as his election canvasser, dismayed him (Modi), reiterating his readiness to mediate the Kashmir dispute. A highly-placed official of the US State Department Alice G. Wales, the Acting Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of South & Central Asian Affairs, expressed concern over the restriction on Kashmir. He asked Modi to release the detained Kashmiris urgently and said, President Trump is ready to mediate if the two countries (India & Pakistan) want so. He added, “India should sit for dialogue with the Kashmiri leaders and take positive measures to hold election there.”

Other than Pakistan, India relentlessly tries to turn its other neighboring countries as its satellite states. With this end in view, India through its agents destabilizes them. It imposed proxy war on Bangladesh. India to kill the patriotic forces who oppose India’s hegemonic design infiltrated its own nationals into Bangladesh who are engaged in disruptive activities, even overt and covert killings, street fighting, looting banks to cripple Bangladesh in one hand and to show the international community that Bangladesh is infested with the terrorists. India deters real democratic process and indirectly keeps Bangladesh under its paw, installing a non-representative government that deprives the democratic rights, freedom of speech and press, even real justice. Innocent, patriotic forces are branded as terrorists, who are kidnapped or lifted from their houses and killed later.

India also destabilizes Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, even Afghanistan. This is the high time to bridle India. The international community should take immediate steps to halt Indian hawks, otherwise, common people of Indian neighboring countries will take arms against India to save their countries that may turn the whole South Asian region to a battleground.*

September 30, 2019, NY