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Bangladesh Sovereignty Faces Threat>> Mohammad Zainal Abedin

The cruel killing of BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology) residential student Abrar Fahad, kidnapping three RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) personnel and their two female sources by Indian forces, above all the MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding) signed Sheikh Hasina’s recent visit to India surfaced questions among the conscious section of the Bangladeshis whether their country loses its sovereignty to India.

Abrar, without naming Sheikh Hasina, condemned the MoUs that severely compromised the crucial interest of Bangladesh and even undermined its sovereignty. In his facebook status, narrated how the deeds unilaterally went in India’s favor. Abar in his previous statuses also exposed anti-India gesture, condemning Indian atrocities in the India-occupied Kashmir.

Knowledgeable sources confirmed India signaled Sheikh to vanish Abrar from the earth and the operation was executed just a day later Sheikh Hasina returned from India.

Even the common Bangladeshis in New York ask whether our country is under Indian domination. The government itself proves that our independence and sovereignty are limited to a flag. A VC chanting joy hind still wasn’t sacked; as he chanted this slogan in presence Indian deputy high commissioner based in Rajshahi. Sheikh Hsina has no power to sack him for his anti-Bangladesh or anti-state utterance.

Indian aggressors on October 10 intruding Bangladesh territory kidnapped three RAB personnel and their two female sources. Haina government still couldn’t condemn it or seek for Indian explanation for such crime (intrusion). All these uncover Sheikh Hasina’s unconditional submissiveness and loyalty to India.

People believe Sheikh Hasina frequently goes to Delhi to renew the extension of her remaining in power. Her tour to India means weaken Bangladesh. Every time she goes there to lose something not to gain anything for our nation. She awards our crucial and strategically important issues to India to remain in power.

It is learned that Indians unilaterally prepare all the treaties or agreements suiting their designs and interests and Sheikh Hasina or her associates blindly sign those.

Details of the treaties, agreements, accords, or pacts whatever signed with India  were never made public or raised before the National Parliament, perhaps, to avert mass uprising. This indicates that those treaties might have awarded India unlimited advantages compromising the sovereignty of Bangladesh.

The synopsis of the treaties that were so far signed simply indicates that were designed to serve India’s eco-geo-strategic interest. Under the cover of partnership deals, India now poses to control the land, air and water territories of Bangladesh.

Hasina’s recent visit to India acted as a serve damage to the sovereign status of Bangladesh.

An Indian English daily ‘The Deccan Herald’, branded the outcome of visit as an unbelievable opportunity that would “go a long way in assuaging India’s concerns over the growing influence of China and the presence of Chinese warships in the Bay of Bengal region.” This opportunity would extend and tighten India’s hegemonic paw on Bangladesh territory. It will help India to thwart Chinese influence and may compel China “to fold its wing” from Bangladesh and compel India to entirely depend on India as a vassal state.

These six pacts and an MoU shrank  the very independence and sovereignty of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi media, though overwhelming avoided condemning the pacts and MoU, their India counterparts gaily hailed the success of India. The same India daily on its 6th October issue wrote:

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s visit to India was productive in terms of pacts signed. Six pacts were signed and three projects were inaugurated during her visit. Among the significant accords is an MoU under which Bangladesh has agreed to set up a network of 20 radar systems along its coast. This will add to India’s surveillance of its Bay of Bengal coast. In addition to preventing terrorists from entering our territory to launch attacks, improved surveillance of coastal waters will enable India to keep an eye on Chinese naval activity in the Bay of Bengal. While India’s national security will get a boost from the coastal radar system, its energy security has been increased with the launch of a project under which Bangladesh will supply India with 3,000 tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) per month for distribution in the Northeast. The two sides also agreed on a Standard Operating Procedure pact for India to use Bangladesh’s Chittagong and Mongla ports. With the Bangladesh-Bhutan-India-Nepal Motor Vehicles Agreement failing to take off on account of Bhutan’s failure to ratify it, Delhi and Dhaka have decided to implement the India-Bangladesh leg of this pact.


besides, India realized another advantage of getting 3,000 tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) per month Bangladesh for its Northeastern states. But the price of such gas remained secret.

Though India deprives Bangladesh of the waters of 54 international rivers Sheikh Hasina during her Delhi tour allows India to withdraw 1.82 cusec of water per second, though Feni is an internal river of Bangladesh and it didn’t touch Indian territory. Allowing India to collect water from the Feni River Sheikh Hasina virtually paved the way for India to claim its ownership on it.

Sheikh Hasina forgets Indian duplicity only for her self-interest. She acts like a child. Despite having Bangladesh-Bhutan-India-Nepal Motor Vehicles Agreement, India showing lame excuses never allowed Bangladesh to ply its vehicles to and from Bhutan and Nepal crossing Indian territory or allowed Bhutan and Nepal to enter Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina didn’t get any lesson from this ugly tactic of India, rather she allows India to use our land, ports, railway system, waterways, almost free of cost.

Why Sheikh Hasina is so much generous, loyal and submissive to India? Political analysts opined, she owes to India as India is the main source of her power to come to power and remain in power. She has no other alternative but to please India at the cost of Bangladesh to remain in power and even to save her from people’s wrath.

A critical analysis shows that these pacts are a blow on Bangladesh. Why India was allowed to install radars in our soil when Indian pirates frequently loot our fish, kidnap our fishing boats, even kill the fisheries intruding our water territory. Indian warships violate our water boundaries. These radars will entirely be controlled by the Indian operators. None knows whether these radars will ever be removed from Bangladesh soil. Indian media confessed that these will be used for anti-China military purposes. Why Bangladesh should a part of Sino-Indian rivalry? India designs to turn Bangladesh a battleground to face China. Where our sovereignty stands now? How we can allow India to use our soil against China — a country that so far invested billions of dollars ($27 billion at a time), develops our major infrastructures, supplies us military hardwires?  India to grab us, desperately works on many fronts to isolate us from the rest of the world, particularly China. Availing this visit India went a long way to  strengthen its undeclared occupation in Bangladesh and isolate it from China.*

October 15, 2019